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Exile Di Brave

Poised, confident, lyrical and talented are just a few words to describe Exile Di Brave. The Jamaican Reggae artist, born Clayton Johnson, hails from the sunshine city of Portmore and is on a musical mission to entertain and uplift the people. Organically bred and grown on Reggae, Dancehall and Hip Hop music Exile Di Brave first started out doing Hip Hop and Rap. He soon found out that as he became seasoned in honing his musical style and competence, he was being usurped by the inevitable melodies of Reggae.


Using social commentary and personal related contents to bring out his messages, he has recorded songs such as “Voice of the Young”, “If This Is Love” or his hit-single “Hungry”. The multi-talented singer currently operates EDB Entertainment and has already released three albums, “The Calling” (2013), “The Journey Begins” (2015) and “To The Foundation” (2016), while constantly putting out new music like his recent EP “Exile Di Brave Meets Black Star” (2017).

Exile Di Brave continues to evolve this lead to his roles in movies, documentaries and short films such as “Rock Dem” (2016), which he steadily presents on national and international film and music festivals. As an active member of the JARIA he was a panelist at the Reggae Month Open University (2017), informing about his experience as advocating artist and illustrating Jamaican sound system culture at the Jamaica Music Conference (2017) with his vinyl-based King Harar Sound.

Exile Di Brave has one thing in mind: To face the music with confidence and courage! He believes with the right attitude and message he will be able to inspire the world one verse at a time. Reggae has chosen him, he didn’t choose it, and with that conviction he continues to master his mental, intellectual and musical craft.

Focused and fiery, he is lyrically courageous as well as cultural. Undeterred by anything, he is on the go and has multiplied his talent into writing and directing his own videos. We present to the world in a powerful package, EXILE DI BRAVE.

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Since over 25 years, the veterans of Sound Quake are a guarantee for high-quality entertainment and finest juggling. As reggae ambassador among the mobile discotheques, Sound Quake rocks the clubs and festival massifs of Europe, UK, Russia and Jamaica. Until 2008, the crew from Detmold, Germany was a top candidate of international sound- clashes and shined side by side with Dancehall heavyweights like Bass Odyssey, Stone Love, David Rodigan, Renaissance Disco, Massive B, Killamanjaro, and many more.

After it got a bit quieter around Sound Quake, they recently reinvent themselves and kick off to a fresh start supported by their new member Jah Exile (Exile Di Brave). The popular MC and Reggae multitasker is adding some authentic Jamaican vibes to the team and already played together with Selector Hille at Kingston ́s famous ‘Vinyl Thursdays’ and at Cologne’s ‘Summerjam’ festival in 2018. Sound Quake’s musical mix and Dubplate collection is still unparalleled and spreads breathtaking Caribbean vibes all night long.

MEMBERS: Hille (Selector), Jah Exile (MC), Bimma (MC), Mahatma Hussle (MC)

Expect some quality juggling and musical joyride of all the latest and greatest of Reggae and Dancehall music!

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Taste the food,
feel the music

The Cooking Show “BELLY FULL” with EDB. This is where the reggae/dancehall Singer Exile Di Brave cooks Jamaican dishes which is one of the gems the beautiful Caribbean island is also known for. Exile Di Brave has been posting his daily meals over the past years on his social media platforms, now he has taken it a step further to share some of his favorite meals he ate while growing up in Jamaica and how to prepare them. In addition to having these delicious meals, each episode also includes a live performance from Exile Di Brave and featured guests.

Team EDB Entertainment is also offering these cooking show services for events and private individuals who wish to learn and acquire these culinary skills or just want to add some spicy entertainment to their lives.

For Cooking Bookings

Email: info@yessa.de 

To watch the full episode or have the full recipe at hand, please contact us at the email below, where we will available at any time. Or …

Buy full Episode via Papal Here:

Email: edbentmusic@gmail.com
(for only 5€, 6USD, 5£)

Give thanks and look out for the next Episodes to come …
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