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“Dedicated to make your sound come to life. Captivating our listener’s auditory perception by providing a wonderful phonic experience.”

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Taste the food,
feel the music

The Cooking Show “BELLY FULL” with EDB. This is where the reggae/dancehall Singer Exile Di Brave cooks Jamaican dishes which is one of the gems the beautiful Caribbean island is also known for. Exile Di Brave has been posting his daily meals over the past years on his social media platforms, now he has taken it a step further to share some of his favorite meals he ate while growing up in Jamaica and how to prepare them. In addition to having these delicious meals, each episode also includes a live performance from Exile Di Brave and featured guests.

Team EDB Entertainment is also offering these cooking show services for events and private individuals who wish to learn and acquire these culinary skills or just want to add some spicy entertainment to their lives.

For Cooking Bookings

Email: info@yessa.de 

To watch the full episode or have the full recipe at hand, please contact us at the email below, where we will available at any time. Or …

Buy full Episode via Papal Here:

Email: edbentmusic@gmail.com
(for only 5€, 6USD, 5£)

Give thanks and look out for the next Episodes to come …
Yu Belly full yet??

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